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Training Programs

Professional Training for Upland Bird and Waterfowl Dogs

There are great advantages in having your dog professionally trained. At Good Go Ing, we are able to provide the grounds, birds and experience necessary to ensure your dog’s success. We are also able to dedicate time on a daily basis to teach and develop your dogs understanding of each step in training. We encourage you to visit during these steps to observe your dog’s progress and learn effective techniques in training and handling. We want YOU to enjoy and understand the work we begin.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons

One on one training lessons with you and your dog are a great way to develop your skill as a handler. Any of the programs or special issues can be incorporated into private lessons. They can be done on a regular schedule or on an as needed basis.


Training Rates

Training Rate

Please contact us for current rates.


“I purchased my Black Lab from your kennel in August. I am thoroughly happy with the dog, which I’ve named Kael. At eight months old he was a better hunter than dogs several times his age (including my last Lab). When it’s time to find another Lab I’ll be back in touch to check on your dogs.”

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