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Shooting Dog Line

Athletic, Stylish and Animated

Our shooting dogs are athletic, stylish and animated bird dogs. They are bred to run a close to medium range with good endurance. They are very trainable and easy to handle, with great ability for putting game to the gun. Intensity on point, willingness to please and desire to find downed game (many being natural retrievers), are strongly established in our lines.

A Pleasure to Watch Work

The shooting dogs’ hunting style, with high head and tail, and animated gait makes them a pleasure to watch work, whether in the northern grouse woods or the prairies of western South Dakota.


“I purchased my Black Lab from your kennel in August. I am thoroughly happy with the dog, which I’ve named Kael. At eight months old he was a better hunter than dogs several times his age (including my last Lab). When it’s time to find another Lab I’ll be back in touch to check on your dogs.”

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