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Our English Setter Shooting Dog litters produce pups with great interest in birds and retrieving at a young age.

Good Go Ing English Setters are bred to be strong natural bird dogs, which train easily and are excellent companions.  These litters will produce pups with great interest in finding and pointing birds at a young age. Many will also be natural retrievers.  They are ready for pick up at 8 weeks old and will be well socialized and introduced to birds.  We are now taking deposits on the above litters.  A $211.00 non-refundable deposit is required with a reservation.       

All sales are subject to 5.5% sales tax, unless shipped by air to an out of state client.  If shipped a $50.00 charge is added to cover the expenses for the health certificate, setting up shipping arrangements and the trips to the vet and airport.  Our English Setters are registered with Field Dog Stud Book "FDSB" and papers are provided on all dogs.  Prices are subject to change as training progresses on older puppies.

Available English Setter Shooting Dog Line Puppies


“I purchased my Black Lab from your kennel in August. I am thoroughly happy with the dog, which I’ve named Kael. At eight months old he was a better hunter than dogs several times his age (including my last Lab). When it’s time to find another Lab I’ll be back in touch to check on your dogs.”

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