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From the very beginning our goal has been to operate a first class, high quality breeding and training program. Good Go Ing is a full time, professional sporting dog business that is owned and operated by the Gooding family. We personally care for all aspects of the operation. Errol Gooding began raising Labradors in 1966. With over 40 years experience in raising and training sporting dogs we have the expertise to provide you with a great hunting companion. With the tremendous amount of experience we have had in professional dog training, we are able to objectively evaluate our litters and prospective breeding stock. Only the dogs that pass our standards for natural hunting ability, physical soundness, temperament and conformation are bred.

Errol Gooding: Flushing dogs can be hunted with pointing dogs providing they are trained to sit and honor the point.


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Molly and Lucy Karlson, going for a 
swim on a warm summer day

Good Go Ing has recently expanded its ability to board your canine companion, while you are away. Good Go Ing Boarding Center is made up of clean, comfortable indoor runs and spacious outdoor exercise yards. We can accommodate all breeds of dogs. Each is give special attention and exercised several times daily by our experienced and professional staff. We are also ideally located in a private country setting. 


Duke, learning to navigate goose decoys.

At Good Go Ing Training Center we are looking forward to another very successful training season. From the very beginning our goal has been to operate a first class, high quality sporting dog training facility. Good Go Ing is a full time, professional sporting dog business. Our approach has always been to tell people what we can do and how we do it. We will give you all the information we can about our services. From there we feel our reputation and the many important aspects of dog training and care we offer will sell themselves.

A South Dakota mixed bag, Pheasant, Sharptail & Hungarian Partridge.

Good Go Ing Hunting's first goal is to provide a hunting experience that will satisfy ourselves and other avid sportsman. This will be accomplished with quality birds, excellent wildlife habitat and professional management to create an operation and atmosphere members will be proud to be involved with. We are creating a hunting environment for sportsman looking for an enjoyable and realistic outdoor experience. We have chosen to open the club to members only. We will accept up to 50 members. This will help control over crowding and ensure that our members will have a comfortable and safe environment to hunt and to enjoy the outdoors.



The Labrador is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a versatile sporting dog and an excellent companion. They are good upland flushing dogs and are the best retrievers on land and water. A well bred Labrador has a strong drive for birds and for retrieving, and is evident at a very young age. They are also a joy to train to be obedient around the house or afield.




An English Setter is an excellent choice for anyone looking for the ultimate pointing dog and an excellent companion. They were a trained bird dog in England over 400 years ago. As one of the oldest and most popular sporting breeds their reputation as a top gun dog companion is well established throughout history. A well bred setter has a strong drive for bird work, this is evident at a very young age. They are also a joy to train to be well-mannered around the house or afield.




Elhew bred English Pointers are sensible, easy handling bird dogs. They are bred for trainability and can be developed into finished shooting dogs at an early age. We have hunted them in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Montana, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota. They work well on grouse, woodcock, pheasants, sharptailed grouse, hungarian partridge and quail. They adapt well to different types of birds and terrain.  




On the first and third Saturdays of each month, April through August, 9 am to noon, show up with your dog. This year we have introduced an open training day. Several different stations will be set up to work on your areas of interest. We will be available to help set up training drills and work with you and your dog as needed. No need to register, just come out and enjoy time in the field with your dog and learn about training and handling.

Click here for more details on CGI Training Day.


Holly with her litter at 2 weeks old.

Several exciting litters are now on the ground.  Labradors, English Setters & English Pointers, ready to hunt this fall.  

Click here to learn more about GGI Labrador puppies
Click here to learn more about GGI English Setter puppies  

Click here to learn more about GGI English Pointer puppies

Jason Gooding with Klaus, a Weimaraner, 
learning to put it all together in the field.

Now is a great time to begin planning for fall.  Make plans now to get your young dog ready to fall, with our Head Start Program.  This is also a great time for continued training for experienced hunters that may need better manners in the field and around home.      

Click below to learn more about GGI Training Programs.  

Retrieving Breed Program Guide
Pointing Breed Program Guide
Companion Dog Program Guide


An avid hunter enjoying a 
winter outing at Good Go Ing.

These are one on one training lessons with you and your dog. This is a great way to learn how to work with your dog through any phase of training. If your dog has been through a training program already, lessons are also a great way to develop as a handler. Learn how to read your dog and initiate corrections in a sensible and timely manner. Lessons can be done as a stand alone training option or a supplement to other training programs. Call Jason @ 715-977-1281 for more details.  


We offer clean and comfortable runs. Each run is designed to maximize your pet’s privacy and is equipped with a resting bench. Each dog is exercised several times daily and given personal attention. Our modern facility offers in-floor heat and A/C. Call now to make reservations for your special pet, while on vacation. 715-796-2392 or 715-977-1281. 


Good Go Ing is widely known for its great training grounds (land & water) and quality game birds. Members of our hunting operation are able to use these resources for there own training needs, year around. Memberships are limited to assure good access. 

Click here to learn more about GGI Hunting, a few memberships are available.


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