"So far pheasant season is going well. We've shot a limit every weekend we've been out. "Hobbes" is starting to pick up "the program" so to speak. He seems to be a natural."

Take Care,


"Rosie is a delight. She has done well, 9 roosters so far, and several great "points". The last 3 birds we got, she marked and went right to them. She hasn't retrieved as yet but I expect that to come. We lost two downed birds early and couldn't findthem, but since then we have lost none. She really has a super nose and is really tenacious when on scent. Her temperament is great, very friendly to outsiders and very, very loving to her family. Thank you for a sweetheart of a puppy. Thought you might enjoy a picture of her first bird."

Ellsworth, Wisconsin

Holiday Greetings:

"We've had a busy year. Lucy has been a fun addition to our family. She's quite a lovey dog. Would sleep in bed with us, with her head on a pillow, if we'd let her. Bruce is pleased at how well she's working in the field. She's doing well on point and obeys commands pretty well. She weighs about 45 lbs and is marked beautifully, lots of spots. We're real pleased. Lucy drives us crazy, but can't imagine not having her as part of the family. We'd forgotten how much work a puppy can be, but she's also a lot of fun! Pheasant hunting has been good this fall. So far the count is 16 pheasants, plus 6 quail."


Pella, Iowa

"Thought you would like to hear about Paige. She has hunted grouse in Canada, Quail in Missouri and Iowa, pheasants in Iowa, Missouri and Montana. She's going to be a nice dog. Very staunch, a good worker, minds well and a beautiful nature. She has retrieved a few times. The first one, a crippled rooster out of a deep, cold creek. She has a good nose, sometimes will pick up quail 15-20 yards away. Stays with me in the house, but gets exercised each day. She can go all day and more. Hunted her hard, as long as 4 days running and she was still ready to go, stiff but ready. Will continue to hunt in Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and then at the game farm we belong to. I can sure recommend your dogs."

Apple Valley, Minnesota

Dear Jason,

"Some people say Rose is spoiled. I don\rquote t think so! I wanted you to see how beautiful she is and happy. We live in northern N.H. now so she gets lots of exercise. There are partridge everywhere."

Sugar Hill, New Hampshire

"Here's Jasper. He is all and more than we ever hoped for. He loves the pheasants - never gives up. He never gets tired. Unlike the rest of us. He has a great disposition and we love him dearly. If we ever need to replace him, we will be back."

Rochester, Minnesota

Dear Jason,

We have received your note and registration form for Snickers. She is a great dog. She has settled in to her new home very nicely and the two dogs get along better than had ever expected. She has been a very responsive pup and is doing very well with training and commands. The boys are playing a major role in her training and care. She is very affectionate with everyone in the family and therefore very responsive to training and commands from everyone. The quail were a big hit by the way and very helpful to get her up and excited abut her new home and used to running and working the fields and woods on our walks. Thank You.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin


John & I are interested in another Good Go Ing Ryman puppy this year. We will probably want another female. Our color preference would be either tri-color or orange & white, but color isn't a big issue. Please let us know what litters will be on the way this year. We have enjoyed our dog Lena immensely and look forward to getting another dog from you.

Happy New Year
Elgin, Illinois

Dear Jason Gooding,

I received the puppy Friday night. He was in good health and I was pleased with his appearance. I believe that if I had seen the whole litter I would have picked the one that you just shipped to me. He was very scared when I received him, but by the time he rode home in my grandson's lap he was beginning to overcome the rigors of his flight. He is now becoming the star member of my family.

I took the puppy to the vet Saturday morning and the Dr. said that he was a good healthy puppy. I could have not been more pleased with him; he was exactly what you described on the phone.

Thanks again for a good-looking healthy puppy; I am very pleased with everything.


Lowmansville, Kentucky

Dear Good Go Ing,

We are very pleased with the puppy we bought from you. The minute my dad got her in the field we could see how gifted she was. She has already, at the age of 11 months, gotten many grouse and many many pheasants. When she is not in the field she is the most loving dog we have ever owned. She is not just a great hunting dog but a great companion as well.

Waupun, Wisconsin

Dear Jason:

I just received your Christmas greeting and I thought I'd drop you a line.

In August of '96 I bought my English Setter from you. I have had her for two hunting seasons now and without a doubt she is the best hunting dog and companion I have ever had. "Daisy" was six months old when I bought her so she was 1 years old when her fist hunting season came. She had been obedience trained by then and was very responsive. She seemed to be very smart.

My hunting was limited the first year, but we managed to get her out to the local Hunt Club. A terrific way to get a new dog started. I took my time with her; letting her be a young dog but still maintaining control. She did very well for the time I was able to spend with her. She showed strong instincts for hunting, both in quartering and pointing. Over the next season we did a lot of bonding which was very easy with her. She is a real pleaser and has made an excellent pet and house dog.

Then came the '98 hunting season. We went back to the Hunt Club for a refresher and also visited some small wooded plots to get her back on tract and ready for grouse hunting. It must have worked as our first grouse hunting trip was beyond believe. She acted like a seasoned dog. Needless to say, grouse hunting for the rest of the season(which is not over yet) got nothing but better. She was pointing and holding some birds while letting us know where other birds were. It was a pure delight and I never had so much fun.

Thinking that things could not get any better, I started pheasant hunting. The first 3-4 times out I went to the local Hunt Club to hunt scratch birds. I did this mainly because there was suppose to be now wild birds around. On about our 5th time out I decided to go with a friend to a wild life area in Southern MN. Much to our surprise we were able to raise a few wild birds. Although his dog, also one of your setters and older, raised all but a couple of the birds. I figured this was due to her experience and Daisy's inexperience on wild birds. However, I was very pleased the way Daisy handled herself. The next time out I went to a local area by myself and Daisy started her quest to conquer the wild bird. She was able to raised a few birds in an area that was suppose to be pretty dry. I figured she was really beginning to catch on, but how much would be my surprise the next time out. You guessed it, she gave me on of the best hunts I have ever had. She had figured the running rooster out and was able to make them do what she wanted them to do. On that day I filled out, she pointed four roosters and was able to get up another 4 along with 14 hens. This was unheard of for the area. So you can see why I am so excited about my dog and she's only going to get better.

I have hunted over many different dogs but your English Setters are the best. Three of my friends have them and they feel the same way I do. So, keep up your good program. I may need another one someday.

Thanks again for Daisy and if you have anyone who wants to call me about your dogs feel free to have them give me a call. Also feel free to use my name as a satisfied customer.

Have a great Holiday Season.

J.B. Brandon, Minnesota

Dear Jason:

I would like to share with you the delightful fall I had with Kelsey (tri-color female English Setter, Cannon x Kenzie, born 11/17/97 purchased 9/4/98.)

Her easy going personality and desire to please made basic obedience training quick and easy. In about two weeks she learned to come, whoa, heel, sit and stay to voice and whistle commands.

She has an excellent nose, desire to hunt, and seems to have the basic intelligence to hunt cover that holds birds. I hunted mostly ruffed grouse and woodcock. She pointed with style and retrieved every bird I could hit (and several more besides) naturally and without further training.

At first she often cast out too far, flushed grouse, and seemed to want to find birds "for herself". I went to an electric collar and she soon learned to keep in sight or come in to check and stay within a 100 yard range. She begin to hold points at birds that were 50 feet away and not crowd them until I could join her (I used a bell and listened for it to stop). I think she learned that this was the best way to get a chance to retrieve and the reward of a good girl and a grouse head treat. In any event, I begin to sense she wanted to hunt for or with me and she has really developed into a hunting companion.

We hunted about 20 days this fall, I look forward to the next grouse season, and will probably be in touch to do some work on your game farm during the off season.

Season's Greetings,
J.D. Minnetonka, Minnesota

Dear Jason,

Been meaning to e-mail you for quite awhile now to let you know how my dog Sonny did hunting this year. Before I start let me thank yu for the great job you did in training him. One of the most frustrating things that happen when hunting with a dog is to have one that does not listen or obey and Sonny does both. A far cry from what he was like when I first brought him to you. Thanks again.

I took Sonny to a game farm in September when it was a cool day. Bought ten pheasants and away we went. Being the first time I had worked with him over pheasants I thought he did a great job. One thing I got and did not expect from him was the retrieve. I knew he would be able to point the birds because I saw he did it with you. To my amazement after I shot the first bird within seconds Sonny had picked it up and was on his way over to me. He didn't drop it at my feet but did bring it within ten feet. I was very surprised because I hadn't worked with the retrieve a bird that was shot down thirty yards into a corn field. The person I was with made the shot and he had the spot where the bird went down located. I was on my way over to the corn field when low and behold Sonny came out with the dead bird. A dead bird in a corn field is hard enough for an experienced dog to find let alone an 18 month old dog. I was very impressed. All in all Sonny found eight of the ten birds. Not bad for his first time out.

A bunch of us took a week off in October and went up to central Minnesota where I have a cabin and went grouse hunting. Sonny proved himself to be pretty good at grouse for such a young dog. Because grouse don't always have a lot of cover all the time he did blow a couple of chances. When the grouse did have cover he held the point. I think with a little more experience he will do a better job. One funny thing that he did was to point a tree. I kept looking at him and thinking he was getting into something he shouldn't be like a dead animal. Then I looked up and there in the tree about twenty feet off the ground was a grouse. Bang! I shot it and he retrieved it. Darn thing must have been on the ground and when Sonny came by jumped into the tree and Sonny saw it. It sure was funny.

The rest of the season Sonny and I spent pheasant hunting. Three of us go out every Saturday in the Litchfield area where we are luckly enough to have about 400 acres to hunt. Again Sonny did very well pointing and retrieving. We do a lot of cattail hunting and I have never had a dog who liked to really work the cattails. I do now. He just loves them. The last weekend of the season I watched Sonny work an area of about 50 yards for ten minutes before he got a hen to pop up. The weekend before that I downed a wounded bird (long shot of 45 to 50 yards) thick in cattails. All three of us went out to look for the bir with our dogs and who do you think comes up with the bird, the young dog Sonny.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

Maple Plain, Minnesota

Dear Jason,

"Just thought I'd write and let you know how Lady is doing. She is approximately 44 lbs. and 22 inches high at 6 months. As you can see by the pictures, she has found a good home."

Good Hunting,

Hamilton, Ohio

Dear Jason,

"April 5, 1993 you shipped me a tiny English Setter pup. He now weighs in at 70 lbs. He is named Ruff and likes to hunt, eat and climb in my lap."

Many thanks,

H.K. Jr.
Rye, New York

Dear: Jason Gooding and Family:

"It's about time I let you know how your setter pup is getting along. She is one of the brightest dogs I've ever owned and we are very pleased with her. She weighed about 23#'s when 5 months old. She caught on to pointing right away and retrieves very well. Yesterday we went for a walk in the woods and put up 3 Ruffed Grouse and "Cindy" got very excited. She learns very quickly. We are very pleased and thank you for picking her out. My wife wants to add a few words."


Arlee, Montana

"P.S. "Cindy" hunts closer than my other setter used to and comes back to me when called."

"Hi- Guess you know by now we like the pup. The one we used to have was so aloof and independent that I didn't care for her. This one has so much personality and keeps us entertained with her antics. She was a pest with the older dogs for a while, but now she's accepted and they play together real well. If you ever come this way you're welcome to come see us. We live in the prettiest part of Montana, we think."

Arlee, Montana


"We love Buck. He is a wonderful hunter who hunts close and points beautifully (without a whole lot of training) and is a super well-mannered pet. Great with the kids."

Sewickley, Pennsylvania


"I thought you would like to know that George is doing very well in his first year. He has turned out to be the best dog I\rquote ve owned. This year, so far I've shot 26 grouse, 19 woodcock, and 16 pheasant over him. In December we will go after more pheasant and quail. Looking forward to doing business with you again."


Geneva, IL

Good Morning Jason:

"We named her Maddie. She is quite the dog; great personality, aggressive and a non stop hunter. Because of her age, I did not hunt that much the first season. Took her out to South Dakota with us, but was very careful as to how much I let her hunt. She is doing great on pheasants. Now I am working on retrieving; she is great! Thanks Jason for your help."

Delafield, Wisconsin

Errol & Jason,

"Just writing to let you know how much we are enjoying the pup that I brought home with me when I last visited you! Sam is a wonderful dog in every aspect. She is a joy to be with in the field and a responsible member of our family at home."

"I have been taking the formal training very slowly as I wanted her first season with me to be fun and worry free. We started working with pigeons and pen raised Quail and Chukar in August and she really showed her breeding. Her style on point is beautiful! She did real well while on checkcord and absolutely no pressure was used. She is a quick learner and eager to please."

"Yard training has consisted of mostly whoa training and come in by calling her name. Again no pressure is used. I'm very happy with her progress in these areas."

"I would really like to train her myself but am not above bringing her into the pro's if necessary. I would be interested in bringing her in for a day class especially if I could be involved. But will leave her with you if you think she needs to progress. I am also interested in you Hunt Club. If memberships are still available please send some info."

"I've also sent you a few pictures of Sam in the field doing what she loves most."

Thanks again,

Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin