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"I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how satisfied we are with our new black labrador. Courageous Shadow has turned out to be an excellent dog. She hit the starting block with a bang on the Minnesota waterfowl opener. We shot nine ducks in the first two hours, she retrieved every one without a hitch. This dog has an enthusiasm for retrieving birds that must be seen to be believed. She seems to have a very good nose for a young dog. I am sure that it will only get better with time. I am totally satisfied with this dog and would highly recommend your kennel to anyone."

Thank you,
A. D.
St. Paul, Minnesota

Dear Mr. Gooding:

"I purchased my Black Lab from your kennel in August 1993. I am thoroughly happy with the dog, which I've named Kael. He has turned out to be a super companion and hunter. Last fall I shot my biggest rooster yet over him, which was followed with a flawless retrieve. At eight months old he was a better hunter than dogs several times his age (including my last Lab). When it's time to find another Lab I'll be back in touch to check on your dogs."


Altoona, Wisconsin

"Razzle Dazzle lives up to her name. She was born to Dyna in April of 1993, and she has been a treat and a joy to have around. Jason definitely knew what he was talking about when he said that "she had it". What ever "it" is; she's got it. We are enclosing pictures so that you can see what she looked like at 15 months.

Razz received her Junior Hunter title this summer, and we plan to continue with her through Senior's this following summer. She has lots of style, an exorbitant amount of energy, and great intelligence. She is extremely "birdy" and happiest when there is something to retrieve.

She spent 10 days in Canada duck and goose hunting, as well as had numerous local excursions for duck, goose and pheasants. She is an outstanding dog and time will make her even better.

We hope to see you at the Sports Show this winter, so that we can brag some more about what a wonderful dog she is to have around."

Best always,

D. P.
Dassel, Minnesota

"Just wanted to let you know CJ has turned out to be one of the nicest dogs we have ever had. He is a great joy to have."

D. S.
Centuria, Wisconsin

"Just a note...Bud is 5 years now and he is doing great. We've seen many Labs, especially in our neighborhood, but nothing as smart and obedient as him. He enjoys hunting, rides, walks and especially being with us in the house! We still Thank you for him."

R. B.
Whitehall, Wisconsin

"Sky's The Limit" Born July '96. We love our dog!"

Wayzata, Minnesota

Dear Errol,

"My wife and I bought a yellow lab male out of the May 30, Chukar - Patrice litter.

We are very happy with the dog. He is learning very quickly."


Hasting, Minnesota


"I am sending you some pictures again this year of Katie. As you can see she is still doing a great job. These pictured are from a trip we took to South Dakota in October. The Picture of Katie on the bed tells the whole story, she was beat after a day of hunting but always ready to go again the next day. Hope you had a good year hunting and have a Merry Christmas."

M. A.
Janesville, Wisconsin

"Shelby, our black lab purchased from you in September '93, has turned into an excellent hunter! She did a great job on ducks this past fall and worked and retrieved pheasants in Iowa like a champion field dog, earlier this month.

Shelby has retrieved over four dozen pheasants, ducks and quail. We're very pleased with her hunting talent, as well as her disposition. She's a great dog."

D. H
Hayward, Wisconsin

Dear Goodings,

"Here's a picture of our 3 babies. Doc was born out of last Jan. 12th litter from Rudy and Tarna. So we have a birthday to celebrate shortly. Thank you for such a wonderful dog! He and our younger daughter are the best of buddies. He lays there and takes more abuse than any dog I've ever seen and doesn't move a muscle! He even lets her ride him like a horse! As far as his hunting goes - we are also thoroughly pleased. He's a natural!

Thanks again and Merry Christmas!"

P. S.
Plum City, Wisconsin

Dear Goodings,

"We hope your having a wonderful holiday season, and that 1997 will find you prosperity and good health. I would like to say thanks to you for all your help and the truly wonderful dogs we've got from you."

J. H.
East Burke, Vermont

The Goodings - 12/15/97

"We like hearing from you folks and your continued interest in our wonderful dog. I'm not sure you remember every detail about every dog you sell, but "Duke's Rluck Gold" turned out to be an awesome dog and family member for us. We have had a lot of great labs, all have been unique in their own way, but Duke seems to have the extras that the other dogs didn't have. This year he is three years old and has really done well on ducks and pheasants.

"We thought your might like a picture of one of many successful hunts with Duke. When the need to replace another dear dog friend comes along we will be back."


D. F.
Lindstrom, Minnesota

"This is our Kate, winter 1997. Kate is an exceptional pheasant & duck dog. She is assertive and focused when she needs to be. As a companion, she can relax in front of the fireplace and enjoy family and friends."

M. D.
La Crosse, Wisconsin