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"A group of GOOD GO ING LABRADORS posing after a day oftraining in 1988."
Our breeding animals are descendants of the greatest champions of the sport. Our Labradors come from the top field trial and hunting lines in the country. Our breeding stock is also selected from lines that are as free as possible from any type of defects. This helps assure us they will have the level of ability we desire to see for developing sound gun dogs.

Whether you desire to field trial your dog, run hunting tests, or strictly use your dog as a hunter and a companion, you will want the best natural qualities you can find. All of these activities require an animal with desire for birds, style, spirit, a good nose, good eye sight, great energy, and most important trainability.

When we talk about trainability, we want a dog that is intelligent and easy to handle. A dog that is willing to give its all when it is needed, yet be able to relax and be enjoyed as a companion by the entire family.

We desire our Labradors to quarter naturally, with the desire to search out game when hunting. This trait is essential in successfully developing a young lab into an avid upland bird dog.

We breed for a moderately sized Labrador with good conformation. This is the type of dog we like to hunt with. They are more athletically built for upland hunting. Larger dogs may be more prone to physical defects and injury. Females weigh 55-70 pounds and males weigh 70-85 pounds.

We keep all of these desired characteristics in mind and work through our breeding program to improve upon them. Females are bred to the male we feel most enhances her qualities and background. When breedings are made this selectively, we see a very consistent result.


"Puppies are well socialized."

Puppies are born in a modern and sanitary whelping room. They are closely watched as they grow. At 5 weeks of age they are more seriously socialized and bird introduction begins. We start by playing basic retrieving games and walking the puppies. When clients visit the kennel to select a puppy we demonstrate the puppies on the bird work. Seeing this helps buyers evaluate the puppies drive and attitude. Many buyers comment on how outgoing and interested the whole litter is. Many buyers also find that selecting that perfect puppy may result in a tie between a few pups in the litter. We pride ourselves on the consistent quality we see in the pups of many of our litters.

As puppies get older they enter a more involved training program. This consists of socialization, more advanced retrieving, pistol introduction, water introduction and the start of basic obedience. A few older puppies at this stage of training are usually available.

As older puppies turn into young dogs (about 6 months old) we start putting more emphasis on obedience and actual hunting experience, finishing the Head Start Program. Between 8 to 12 months of age, the main focus of the Gun Dog Program is total control in hunting situations and proper retrieving. This is a well started or trained dog, depending on the buyers description. More advanced training can be done as needed to meet the needs of the buyer.

Puppies are well socialized from birth, and are carefully tested as they mature. Only those pups and young dogs that pass our requirements and show a natural instinct for birds, retrieving and a trainable attitude are sold as working dogs.



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When ordering a puppy, try to give us as much information as you can on the type of dog you want, the line or breeding , size and disposition. It would help in selecting your puppy, to give us information on what kind of hunting you do and for what other purpose you plan to use the dog. Also any physical characteristics you would prefer such as male or female and any color or marking preferences. If you are unable to come to the kennel and select your own puppy, we will do our best to select for you the type of dog you are looking for.

Vaccinations and wormings are up to date, with an 8-way shot at 6 weeks of age and wormed during their 2nd, 4th and 6th weeks. A shot record is provided. Due claws have also been removed.

Puppies are reserved on a first come basis, with a $211 non-refundable deposit. Most puppies are priced at $700.00 for males and $750.00 for females, with theexception of yellow and chocolate females at $800.00. All sales are subject to 5.5% sales tax, unless shipped by air to an out of state client.


If you would prefer an older dog rather than a puppy, we usually have dogs like this available. Their ages usually run from 6 months to 2 years. They all have had professional training and are at different levels according to their age. Their prices are determined by their breeding, age, confirmation, stage of development, and level of training.

If you have interest in a started dog it would be helpful to know the level of training you would desire in a dog, your price range, the type of game you hunt and any physical characteristics you would prefer. It would be ideal if you would have an opportunity to come and see these dogs work on birds. If that is not possible we can send photos and other information to help you make your selection. If you would like further training done with a started dog that you have selected, that can be arranged for an additional charge. Please contact us if you would like further information.


PICK UP AT KENNEL: Baldwin is within driving distance of many Midwestern cities. Puppies are ready to be picked up at the kennel at 7 weeks of age. All parties that are able to come and select their own puppy are invited to do so in order of their pick.


For folks flying in on commercial flights, our nearest airport is Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.


For those looking to fly in on a private aircraft, there is a 4,000 foot air strip in New Richmond, WI. New Richmond is about 20 miles from our grounds. We can send a car to pick you up and return you to the New Richmond airport.



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If you are unable to come to the kennel we can ship your puppy Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN to your nearest airport. National and International shipping is available. Puppies are shipped at 8 weeks of age, in compliance with federal airline regulations. The cost of shipping and the shipping crate are the responsibility of the buyer. A $50. charge is also added to cover the expense for the health certificate, setting up shipping arrangements and airport delivery.

If you would like us to ship your puppy or dog, please give us the name of the airport, any airlines you would recommend and a convenient day and time for you to pick your dog or puppy up. We will set up the arrangements and contact you to confirm them.



We make a great effort to produce healthy, genetically sound dogs with great interest in birds and hunting. But if for a genetic reason your puppy is unsatisfactory in the areas of physical health or natural ability, these policies are in effect to ensure fairness to our clients as well as ourselves.


If upon arrival, your puppy is not as it was represented by us, in the areas of physical description, personality, or ability, it may be returned to us the day after arrival for a replacement. This only covers puppies that are shipped.

Buyer's are given 7 days to have their veterinarian examine the puppy for any health problems. If the puppy has a health problem it may be returned for a replacement.

If before the age of 13 months it is determined the puppy lacks the natural ability for hunting, is not trainable, has an unstable or vicious temperament or has developed a serious genetic or congenital defect, it will be replaced.

If before the age of 27 months the dog develops a hip or eye defect, it will be replaced.


Drive & Desire

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All dogs purchased as started or finished dogs are sold with a 10 day trial period. If not satisfied with the dog within this trial period, it may be returned for a replacement.

If before the age of 13 months the dog develops any serious genetic or congenital defect, it will be replaced.

If before the age of 27 months the dog develops a hip or eye defect, it will be replaced.

*The return of any dog and/or shipping fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

*Buyer's are responsible for veterinarian expenses while the dog is in the buyers care.

*Upon return of the affected dog the buyer will be provided with a replacement.

The above section highlights the main points of our warranty. These and other points are also covered in our sales agreement. The sales agreement is a document designed to give the buyer and the breeder a clear understanding of their responsibilities in the event that a dog or puppy may be unsatisfactory. The buyer will be supplied with two copies of the agreement. They must be signed and returned to us. We will then sign them and one copy will be sent to the buyer with the dogs registration papers and shot record.



The parents of a dog in the pedigree are always to the right of his or her name, with the sire (father) listed above the individuals name and the dam (mother) listed below. Any titles are listed either before or after the dogs name, depending on the type of event.

		Grand Sire
		Grand Dam
		Grand Sire
		Grand Dam


FC - Field Champion
AFC - Amateur Field Champion
NFC - National Field Champion
NAFC - National Amateur Field Champion
CFC - Canadian Field Champion
CAFC - Canadian Amateur Field Champion
CNFC - Canadian National Field Champion
CNAFC - Canadian National Amateur Field Champion
JH - Junior Hunter
SH - Senior Hunter
MH - Master Hunter

National Derby Champion or High Point Derby Dog - The dog that earned the most points in the Derby stake for a season. Dogs can run the Derby until 2 years old.

High Point Open or Amateur dogs earn the most points in that stake for that season.

All-Age Points are the combined points a dogs have earned in the Open and Amateur Stakes.

Outstanding Sire of Field Trail Retrievers - An award given annually to the sire who's prodigy have had the most success in All-Age stakes.