Jerry McAllister Bio

Jerry McAllister with GGI Classic Daisy in South Dakota

Jerry McAllister has been living in St. Croix County and hunting western Wisconsin since 1980. Prior to that he lived in Texas, Iowa, and Minnesota where he spent a lot of time learning how to hunt ducks, geese, woodcock and ruffed grouse, plus being entertained by an occasional bobwhite, dove, Hungarian partridge, and sharptailed grouse hunt. His life’s most favorite experience is hunting ruffed grouse. His grouse coverts are from Bruce Wisconsin to Mora Minnesota and from Minong to Cannon Falls.

Jerry has been training birddogs, English Setters, since receiving one as a college graduation gift in 1971. The dogs were purchased as puppies and trained to hunt woodcock, pheasants and, mainly, ruffed grouse. He hunted one dog at a time until each died. He trains them to hunt very deliberately within shotgun range, to hold the grouse until he flushes it, and to find it after the shot. He has not learned how to train an English to retrieve. His training works very well for woodcock and so-so for pheasants. Roosters can run away form his dog but never get passed by or flushed out of range.

He has been training his dogs at Good Go Ing Kennels for about ten years. In 2007 he began helping Jason train some of his young setters for pheasant and grouse hunting.