Tom Hayes Bio

Tom Hayes with Anna, one of his Yellow Labs.

Tom Hayes became a member of Good Go Ing Hunting in the fall of 1998 after moving to the area from an assignment in Oklahoma.

Tom was raised in the Black Hills out west of Rapid City, South Dakota where he enjoyed hunting and fishing along with developing interests in a variety of other hobbies such as woodworking and other crafts. Tom hunted deer, literally, on the hills behind his boyhood home and fished trout in the streams throughout the Black Hills but especially in Rapid Creek which flowed in a canyon about a mile from his house. Tom's parents and relatives were involved in agriculture in central South Dakota and provided the opportunity to experience some of South Dakota's finest pheasant hunting during the late 1950's and early to mid-1960's.

Tom favors yellow Labradors and currently owns two, one of which is from Good Go Ing Kennels. He would never profess that he has
the training thing figured out but when given the inherent talent of his Good Go Ing Lab, Anna, and the marksmanship of the guests he often brings to the club, Tom never wants for pheasants for a good meal. 

Tom writes a monthly column for "The Outdoorsmen Magazine" www.outdoorsmenmag.com and is delighted to contribute his sense of humor, albeit lack of actual dog handling expertise, to our website.